Many lovers aspire to currently have a unique and remarkable marriage. One way to do this through embracing the marriage traditions of a different culture, such as the Cuban style. This kind of wedding can be fun and exciting for the bride and groom, as well as their guests.

The Money Flow

During a Cuban wedding, dating cuban women guests can place small amounts of money on the bride and groom as they boogie. This is a trendy tradition since it helps the few get a lot of money at once, that is used to help while using wedding bills.

The Misa sobre Fianza

An alternative popular Cuban wedding custom certainly is the misa para fianza, the industry ceremony where bride and groom exchange wedding party rings and share a special move. That is a fun method to celebrate all their big event and it also is a chance for the bride’s father and mother to bless their fresh daughter-in-law.

Wedding Dresses

The marriage dress is definitely a significant part of a Cuban wedding ceremony. These dresses are typically made of satin and feature floral motifs. They are often adorned with ruffles or perhaps full skirts.


Customarily, the bride and groom give tiny gifts to their friends. These may include laces and ribbons that have the names from the bride and groom on them. This is a decent way to show your appreciation to those diagnosed with come to celebrate ” special ” day with you.

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